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Strengthening Southern Voices - 2011 Highlights

June 26, 2012

MSN works with Southern partners to strengthen their capacity to document worker rights abuses and effectively engage with and pressure companies and government to respect worker rights.

Some 2011 highlights:

  • In June 2011, MSN organized and facilitated a workshop in Mexico City to strengthen the involvement of Mexican civil society organizations in training of workers and management personnel on freedom of association (FOA) and other worker rights issues. As follow-up to that workshop MSN worked with the Guatemalan monitoring group COVERCO to develop a pilot training module, and we are currently working with one major US apparel brand to implement the module in 2012.
  • MSN continued to collaborate with Central American women’s labour rights organizations, independent monitoring groups and unions providing training, advice and support to maquila workers and/or organizing in the maquila sector. In March 2011, MSN co-sponsored the 13th Annual Colloquium of the Movement of Working and Unemployed Women’s Movement, Maria Elena Cuadra, in Managua, Nicaragua, which brought together approximately 1,500 women maquila and domestic workers to discuss the problem of physical and economic violence in the workplace and how to eliminate it.

Next 2011 Highlights: Facilitating South-South Exchange


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