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Facilitating South / South Exchange - 2011 Highlights

June 26, 2012

MSN promotes exchange and collaboration among our Southern partners through information exchange, workshops and multi-stakeholder forums.

Some 2011 higlights:

  • For the past three years, MSN has been working with the Central American Women’s Fund (FCAM) and Semillas (Mexico’s women’s fund) on a special initiative to provide financial and capacity building support to women’s labour rights groups in Central America and Mexico. In June 2011, MSN, Semillas and FCAM co-sponsored the third Meso-American workshop, bringing together women’s labour rights groups from Central America and Mexico that are working in the maquiladora (garment and electronics) and agro-export sectors, as well advocates for migrant and domestic workers. The two priority issues identified by workshop participants were the growing problem of precarious work and the many restrictions on the right of all workers to organize to improve their wages and working conditions. Harassment of labour rights advocates in both Mexico and Central America was also identified as a growing problem. 

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