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Marketplace: Toys

Marketplace: Toys
CBC TV, 2000
12 minutes

What it's about:

This Marketplace report focuses on the exploitive conditions under which toys are made, with a particular focus on China. It presents a number of interviews with people who have done research into the labour that goes into making toys as well as with the former president of Irwing Toys. The video briefly looks at how companies like Mattel and Disney fit into the picture and how the rise of sweatshops is related to globalization trends. This report on toys is aimed at appealing to parents shopping for gifts during the holiday season. Its news style format makes this video more appropriate for older students or mature audiences.

How to use it:

This profile of the toy industry expands on the knowledge that an audience may already have about sweatshops. The interviews provide a great deal of insight into the conditions under which toys are made and identifies common forms of exploitation that take place in developing countries.

Some additional issues introduced in this video worth pursuing in a discussion are the relationship between globalization and sweatshops, and the responsibility that people have as consumers. This video also outlines actions that the public can take with regards to sweatshops.

Notes on video:

In a concluding discussion between the reporter and the show's host, the former lists things that consumers can do to avoid sweatshop-made products, including buying "Made in Canada" clothing. A discussion following the screening on some of the myths surrounding sweatshops would be useful in order to challenge the idea that there are no sweatshops in Canada.


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