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November 26, 2012

Another preventable factory fire takes the lives of Bangladeshi workers

A catastrophic factory fire at the Tazreen Fashion garment factory in Dhaka took the lives of over 112 workers on Saturday, November 24. What was reportedly an electrical malfunction appears to have been compounded by the factory’s lack of basic safety features like emergency exits, functioning fire extinguishers, and worker training.

July 3, 2007

Marketplace: Toys

This Marketplace report focuses on the exploitive conditions under which toys are made, with a particular focus on China. It presents a number of interviews with people who have done research into the labour that goes into making toys as well as with the former president of Irwing Toys. The video briefly looks at how companies like Mattel and Disney fit into the picture and how the rise of sweatshops is related to globalization trends. This report on toys is aimed at appealing to parents shopping for gifts during the holiday season