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Spirit Connection #6: Threads of Justice

Spirit Connection #6: Threads of Justice
UCTV, 1997
30 minutes

What it's about:

Threads of Justice draws attention to the exploitation that takes place in the Canadian garment industry. It uses interviews and footage to illustrate the conditions in factories and the abuse that homeworkers face. This video also looks at some actions that have taken place against sweatshops, and some examples of companies that work to ensure their products are made sweatshop free.

How to use it:

Prior to viewing this video, audiences should have a good idea of what sweatshops are and what kind of myths surround sweatshops. It would be helpful to also discuss the differences between Canada and countries commonly associated with sweatshops, particularly with regards to labour laws. Threads of Justice is also a good introduction to a discussion of homeworkers. The video presents information on their role in the garment industry and how their particular situation make them more vulnerable to exploitation.

Notes on video:

A helpful three-minute segment introducing sweatshops in a Canadian context begins with a Maquila Solidarity Network fashion show followed by a couple of interviews with workers.


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Updated information on sweatshops in Canada.

The National: Made in Canada
CBC-TV, 2004

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