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Beyond McWorld: Challenging Corporate Rule

Beyond McWorld: Challenging Corporate Rule
Council of Canadians and Polaris Institute, 1998
35 minutes

What it's about:

Beyond McWorld takes a look at the ways in which governments have lost power to corporations and the movement that has emerged to challenge corporate rule. Democracy, globalization, and free trade are some of the themes covered.

How to use it:

This video works best with a university level audience that has a good understanding of sweatshop issues and is looking to learn more about the wider context of globalization. It also explores ways in which people can get involved to bring about change.

Notes on video:

A segment of this video that is directly related to sweatshops is a two-minute cut of a Maquila Solidarity Network demonstration outside a shopping mall. If you are looking to expand on a discussion of actions that can be taken against sweatshops, this video has footage of student marches, culture jamming, and street theatre demonstrations.


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