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Child Labour: Do's and Don'ts

Do pressure corporations to end the exploitation of child workers. Demand an immediate end to the new recruitment of child labourers, and the phasing out of the current use of child labour, with adequate transitional support for the children and their families.

Do push for effective regulation of child labour and the employment of young workers, and the efforts of adult and young workers to gain fair wages and working conditions and hours of work that allow for education and leisure.

Do support trade and development policies that strengthen the capacity of countries, rural communities and the urban poor to provide educational opportunities and economic security so children aren't compelled to work.

Do support fair trade initiatives, such as Rugmark and Transfair Canada, that encourage production of goods under humane conditions, without exploiting children or adults.

Don't promote a blanket boycott of all goods produced by child labour.

Don't initiate campaigns before consulting with the affected adult and young workers, and groups advocating on their behalf.

Don't call for unilateral government action to impose trade sanctions on countries where goods are made by child labour.

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