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Take action on killing of over 300 workers in Pakistan

September 13, 2012

Over 300 workers were killed in devastating factory fires on 11 September 2012 at a garment factory in Karachi and a shoe factory in Lahore, Pakistan.

The fire at Ali Enterprises, a garment factory located in the Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE) in Karachi, killed more than 289 workers. Many of them died of suffocation as they were trapped in the basement. Large number of workers suffered grievous injuries as they jumped from the building to safety. The four-story garment factory had only one exit and with no fire fighting or extinguishing equipment. All windows were iron grilled and doorways and stairs were stuffed with finished or semi finished merchandise. In another fire accident at a four-story shoe manufacturing facility in Lahore about 25 workers were killed.

We urge all MSN supporters to join a LabourStart campaign by writing to the Pakistani Prime Minister calling on his government to investigate and punish those responsible, fully compensate the victims and their families, and identify the gaps in public oversight that allow factory owners to operate unsafe workplaces.

The horror that took place in Pakistan is a reminder of the urgent need to develop preventative measures – including building and fire safety inspections, training, and a positive atmosphere for trade unions – to forever put an end to these kinds of unconscionable disasters in the global apparel industry.

More global brands, however, need to join such programs before further tragedies strike.

Read more about the tragedies in Pakistan:

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