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Special Issue on Labour Standards Reporting

July 20, 2004

MSN Codes Memo #17

  1. Gap CSR Report Raises Transparency Bar
  2. Adidas: Staying Focused
  3. Canadian Retailers Take Small Steps Forward
    • The Hudson's Bay Company
    • Mountain Equipment Co-op
  4. FLA Accredits Reebok Footwear Program
  5. FLA Launches China Projects
  6. Solution Found at Lands' End
  7. New Resources
    • Conference Board of Canada CSR Study
    • Gradient: Rating Management of Supply Chain Labour Standards
    • Eighth ILO Report on Working Conditions in Cambodia's Garment Sector
    • Three OXFAM Reports on Global Supply Chains
    • UNRISD Research and Policy Brief

Download Codes Memo #17 here.

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