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Ratcheting Up Transparency Standards?

September 20, 2005

MSN Codes Memo #19

  1. CSR Reports: Ratcheting Up Transparency Standards?
  2. MFA Forum Promotes Joint Action in Bangladesh
  3. BSCI: Are European Retailers on the Right Track?
  4. Code Updates
    • Jo-In Approves Common Code
    • ISO to Develop SR Standard
    • FLA Accredits Brands
    • SAI Expands Training in China
    • WRC Speaks Out on MFA
    • German Retailer Joins FWF
    • ETI Gives Guidance on FoA
  5. New Resources
    • Monitoring Sweatshops: Workers, Consumers and the Global Apparel Industry
    • Globalization and Cross-Border Labor Solidarity in the Americas
    • Gender and Labour Codes in Export Value Chains
    • A Global Alliance Against Forced Labour
    • Easy to Manage: A Report on Chinese Toy Workers
    • Quick fix or lasting solution? Dealing responsibly with typical non-compliance

Download Codes Memo #19 here.

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