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The ongoing debate on codes of conduct

February 20, 2006

MSN Codes Memo #20

  1. Social Auditing
    • CCC Critiques Social Auditing
    • FDHT Compares Private Sector and NGO Auditing
    • EMIH Monitoring Report Challenges Gap on Factory Closure
  2. MFA and China
    • The China Code: One Step Forward or Two Steps Back?
    • “Stitched Up: How those imposing unfair competition in the textiles and clothing industries are the only winners in this race to the bottom”
    • “The Expiration of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement (MFA) and Its Consequences for Global Labor Standards”
  3. Transparency
    • ETAG Report Card Rates Companies on Transparency
    • More Companies Disclose Factory Locations
  4. MSI Updates
    • FLA Releases Third Annual Report
    • ETI Shifts Gears to Drive Change
    • Jo-In Pilots Best Practice
    • MFA Forum Moves Forward in Bangladesh
  5. New Resources
    • Rethinking Business Regulation
    • Threads of Labour: Garment Industry Supply Chains from the Worker’s Perspective
    • Brand Campaigns & Worker Organizing

Download Codes Memo #20 here.

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