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WELCOME TO THE ARCHIVE (1994-2014) OF THE MAQUILA SOLIDARITY NETWORK. For current information on our ongoing work on the living wage, women's labour rights, freedom of association, corporate accountability and Bangladesh fire and safety, please visit our new website, launched in October, 2015:

Our Work in 2012

MSN promotes fair labour practices and respect for labour and women's rights through several interconnected strategies, including intensive work with partners in the South and advocacy, engagement and campaigning at the international level:


  • Strengthening Southern Voices: MSN works with Southern partners to strengthen their capacity to document worker rights abuses and effectively engage with and pressure companies and government to respect worker rights.

2012 Highlights: Strengthening Southern Voices


  • Facilitating South / South Exchange: MSN promotes exchange and collaboration among our Southern partners through information exchange, workshops and multi-stakeholder forums.

2012 Highlights: Facilitating South/South Exchange


  • Advocacy: MSN facilitates dialogue between our southern partners and international brands in order to push the brands to find solutions to systemic problems in their supplier factories.

2012 Highlights: Advocacy


  • Engagement and Campaigning: MSN works at the international level to identify and promote industry-wide solutions to systemic problems in global supply chains and to promote both voluntary and regulatory approaches to reverse the ”race to the bottom” on wages, working conditions and workers’ rights.

2012 Highlights: Engagement


  • Solidarity with Network Partners: MSN promotes solidarity with human rights defenders who are under attack for supporting workers in garment and other global supply chains as they struggle to win improved wages and working conditions.

2012 Highlights: Solidarity with Network Partners


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