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February 6, 2003


Blue Jeans, Blue Waters and Worker Rights

A report on the effects of free trade and the restructuring jean industry on workers, indigenous communities and the environment in the Tehuacan Valley, Mexico. Calls for local action and international solidarity, and cautions against extending the Tehuacan economic model to southern Mexico and Central America through the Plan Puebla-Panama. Also available in Spanish.

January 22, 2003

A Canadian Success Story?

Gildan Activewear: T-shirts, Free Trade and Worker Rights

A revealing look at the impacts of free trade on the lives of maquiladora workers who make Gildan T-shirts in Honduras, Mexico and El Salvador. Offers concrete recommendations to the company and stakeholders on ways to improve working conditions and labour practices.

October 3, 2000

A Needle in a Haystack: Tracing Canadian Garment Connections in Mexico and Central America

A Needle in a Haystack examines Canadian investment and sourcing practices in the garment assembly-for-export industry in Mexico and Central America, and labour practices and working conditions in those factories. This report includes case studies on two Canadian manufacturers -- Nygard International and Gildan Activewear; country labour "vignettes" for Canadian homeworkers and maquila garment-for-export workers in Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico; and corporate profiles of prominent Canadian retailers and manufacturers.

March 5, 2008

Post MFA Crisis in Mexico

Collected by MSN, this presentation shows statistics that highlight the decline of Mexico's garment industry since the end of the Multi-fiber Arrangement.


September 19, 2007

Letter of International Solidarity for the workers of Vaqueros Navarra

On the anniversary of the birth of the September 19 Union, workers at the Vaqueros Navarra factory, members of the September 19 Union, receive a letter of international solidarity with their struggle for decent wages and working conditions.

August 2, 2007

Tell Puebla State Authorities to Respect Workers’ Rights

In Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico, leaders of a grassroots movement to win representation by an independent union have been fired and supporters are being harassed and pressured to “voluntarily” resign. Please join MSN in calling on the Puebla state labour authorities to order the immediate reinstatement of fired workers and to hold a free, fair and transparent union representation vote at the earliest opportunity.

July 3, 2007

Inside Your Threads

Using celebrity hosts, music and the popular Much Music presentation style, Inside Your Threads

March 29, 2007

MSN follow-up with Hanesbrands

"In your November 28 response to us, you recognized such responsibility and described your intention 'to do everything (…) to help replace the jobs that are lost.' Our understanding is that approximately 1,700 workers have been left jobless with the closing of your Monclova International facility. Three months later, following on the spirit of your letter, we would ask that you provide us an update on what assistance your company has provided to its former workers."

March 23, 2007

Espacio Workshop Report

 Representatives of labour rights and women’s organizations from different regions in Mexico came together for a workshop of the Espacio network. This is the third workshop of the new network, which provides a space for the participating groups to do critical analysis and develop alternative strategies to tackle the impacts of global trade liberalization on the Mexican garment industry.

August 31, 2005

The Post-Quota World: What Lies Ahead For The Garment Industry and Garment Workers?

A brief look at the future of the garment industry in post-quota Mexico based on the findings of a one-day conference entitled, "What lies ahead for the Mexican garment and textile industry?"