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No Sweat Provincial Policies

July 3, 2007

No Sweat Manitoba postcard

A sample protest postcard used successfully by Manitoba No Sweat campaigners to push their provincial government to adopt a No Sweat purchasing policy. View Postcard

July 3, 2007

US municipal, state and school board policies

Sweat-Free Communities maintains a list of US municipal, state and school board policies.

View List

July 3, 2007

Model No Sweat Provincial Legislation

Developed by the Ontario New Democratic Party, this model No Sweat Provincial Legislation sets standards for No Sweat purchasing for provincial governments. View Document.

August 30, 2006

Province of Manitoba

The Province of Manitoba is the first Canadian provincial government to adopt a No Sweat purchasing policy, governing purchases of $1.3 to $1.6 million of apparel a year. View Policy

August 22, 2005

Canadian Government officials produce No Sweat Discussion Paper

In 2005, senior government procurement officials from across Canada convened a “No Sweat Task Force” to consider ethical procurement. Although the Task Force was able to produce neither recommendations nor a jointly-drafted No Sweat procurement policy, it did produce an unreleased Discussion Paper. MSN obtained a copy through a recent Access to Information request.