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Honduran coup enters its second year

July 21, 2010

June 28th marked the anniversary of the coup d'état in Honduras. One year later, the political crisis in the country remains unresolved. Despite an election in November, 2009, violence and repression have continued under new President Porfirio Lobo, and civil society continues to refuse to recognize his government while pressing ahead with plans to hold a Constituent Assembly to begin the process of changing the Honduran Constitution.

Though Lobo claims to be moving forwards with the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord through the establishment of a Truth Commission, national and international rights groups have questioned this Commission's legitimacy, composition and mandate and have instead supported the creation of an alternative Truth Commission, which has appointed two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and renowned human rights experts.

Canada's official position has been to support the Lobo administration. It was one of the first countries to publically acknowledge the results of the post-coup elections. Not surprisingly, a Canadian has been named to the six member "official" Truth Commission, long-standing diplomat, Michael Kergin. Interestingly, however, a Canadian has also been appointed to the alternative Commission, York University professor Craig Scott.

MSN will continue to monitor the situation in Honduras and will alert our network of new developments and calls for solidarity actions.

Below, we present some recent articles which provide a general overview and update on the current situation in Honduras.

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