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Women Behind the Labels

September 1, 2000

Worker Testimonies from Central America

Women Behind the Labels coverMSN and STITCH, 42 pages

Stories from pioneer union organizers in the maquilas and banana plantations of Guatemala and Honduras who have inspired campaigns against sweatshops across North America. Provides first person accounts of life in the maquilas.

"Every stitch of every garment we wear contains the hidden story of a woman's life and struggles. In Women Behind the Labels you can finally read these stories for yourself -- and be inspired by the courage and determination that shines through them!"

- Barbara Ehrenriech, US feminist journalist and political analyst

"The women we meet in Women Behind the Labels and the many workers like them throughout Central America and Asia, are the inspiration for our student campaigns in the North. Their stories of strength, courage and leadership make me proud to be part of the struggle for worker and human rights."

- Sangeeta Kerai, Students Against Sweatshops-Canada

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