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Women’s labour rights agenda for the Central American maquila industry

May 22, 2014


Public launch of the Agenda in Managua, Nicaragua


On March 2, the Central American Women's Network in Support of Maquila Workers (REDCAM) publicly launched a women's labour rights agenda for maquila workers in the region.


The regional launch took place in Managua, Nicaragua at the annual Colloquium of the Maria Elena Cuadra movement of Working and Unemployed Women (MEC). National launches of the Agenda have taken place in Honduras and Guatemala.


The "Women's Labour Rights Agenda for the Central American Maquiladora Industry" is the product of two years of consultation with women maquila workers and women's and trade union organizations in the Central American region.


The Agenda is endorsed by 14 national women's organizations and two trade union bodies - the National Committee of Nicaraguan Women Trade Unionists and the Central American  Coordinator of Unions in the Maquila. The Central American Women's Fund and MSN are also signatories to the Agenda.


MSN is working with signatory organizations to present the Agenda to international apparel brands and lobby for changes in their labour standards policies and practices in order to address the priority issues of women maquila workers. The first briefing will take place in Nicaragua in July.


Click here to read the full version (in Spanish)

Click here to read the complete list of demands (in English)


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