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Precarious Work: Short-term contracts, labour-only outsourcing, and casual labour

May 4, 2012

Precarious work, and in particular the use of short-term contracts and third-party employment agencies that limit workers’ rights and benefits, is recognized as a growing problem in the garment industry world-wide, one that is increasing workers’ vulnerability and limiting the exercise of freedom of association.

The ILO, Global Unions, civil society networks as well as specific brands and multi-stakeholder initiatives have recognized the problem and have begun to develop proposals to respond to it. Increasingly company and multi-stakeholder codes of conduct are being strengthened to address the issue of precarious work.

This document provides an overview of both company and multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSI) codes and guidance documents as well as existing proposals to address problems of outsourcing, short-term contracts and use of casual labour.

This resource document was originally prepared for the Americas Group by the Maquila Solidarity Network, in March, 2012 and later updated in May, 2012.

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