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Panel I: Is there a future for garment production in the Americas?

January 9, 2009

Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean have experienced massive changes in the apparel and textile industries in the last three years. Most notably, factory closures have impacted most countries, with production moving both within and outside the region. Industry restructuring has also fuelled a race to the bottom on wages and working conditions, with notable regressive actions by governments and industry, such as the recent lowering of the minimum wage in southern Honduras to attract investment, and the negative reaction by manufacturers to attempts to raise the minimum wage in one of the region's poorest countries, Nicaragua.

Jennifer Bair

 Jennifer Bair, University of Colorado

University of Colorado Professor Jennifer Bair gave an overview of the global trends and changing structure and power relations in garment industry before and after the end of quotas, and looked into the future at the possible impacts these changes will have on the garment industry in the Americas.

MSN's Bob Jeffcott and Lynda Yanz discussed the findings of a series of interviews carried out by MSN with major international apparel brands concerning changes in their sourcing practices since the end of quotas and important factors determining future sourcing decisions, as well as the possible impacts of those decisions on the region.


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