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Testimonies from the NAO’s Public Meetings on the Puebla case

April 1, 2004

NAO Public meetingsThose who provided testimony in Washington were Nilay Vora (USAS), Robert Jeffcott (MSN), Salvador García Sanchez (former Tarrant worker), Maribel Ramírez Torres (former Tarrant worker), Scott Nova (Worker Rights Consortium - WRC), Shaila Toledo Balderas and Blanca Velazquez Díaz (CAT), Alejandra Constanza Ancheita Pagaza (Lawyer) and Ben Cokelet (Representative of the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center).

See the complete transcript of the hearing in Washington at the website of the US Department of Labor.

Those who provided testimony in Toronto were Lynda Yanz (MSN), Julia Plascencia (USAS), Mark Rowlinson (United Steelworkers of America, Canadian Office - USWA), Blanca Velazquez Díaz* and Gabriela Cortés Cabrera* (CAT), Jaime Ayala Sánchez* (former Matamoros Garment worker) and Martín Zacatzi Tequextle* (former Tarrant worker). The WRC and Marisol Enyart (USAS) submitted written testimony to the Canadian NAO.

* in Spanish only

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