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WELCOME TO THE ARCHIVE (1994-2014) OF THE MAQUILA SOLIDARITY NETWORK. For current information on our ongoing work on the living wage, women's labour rights, freedom of association, corporate accountability and Bangladesh fire and safety, please visit our new website, launched in October, 2015:

Donate to the Maquila Solidarity Network

Donate to the Maquila Solidarity Network

Support our work with a financial contribution.

With your support, MSN will be able to continue using innovative, collaborative approaches to mobilize solidarity with workers, the majority of whom are young women making clothes, shoes and other consumer products under harsh and unjust conditions. Your contribution will make it possible for MSN to engage in ground-breaking campaigns to defend workers rights around the world.

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As a MSN supporter, you can:

  • Receive our e-mail bulletin, The Wire, which provides regular updates on campaigns, action alerts, and emerging issues;  
  • Learn more about the grassroots leaders, organizations and issues that drive change in the global struggle for women's and workers' rights through MSN's Maquila Network Update newsletter;
  • Access in-depth analysis and new ideas for change through MSN's analytical publications;
  • Support MSN's creative mix of grass-roots solidarity, international advocacy and government lobbying campaigns; and
  • Support international exchanges and collaboration between workers' and women's organizations.

Donors within Canada can choose to receive a free print copy of our newsletter the Maquila Network Update three times a year. For individuals and organizations outside of Canada we ask for a minimum donation of $50 to cover production and mailing costs, though the electronic version of our newsletter is available free of charge.

Note: The Maquila Solidarity Network is not able to issue tax receipts due to restrictions on political advocacy under Canada's Charity Act.

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