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Sweat-Free Products

December 18, 2006

'Where can I buy clean clothes?'

Unfortunately we don't have a list of 'clean' retailers or manufacturers -- MSN does not endorse or recommend any specific companies. Recently, however, we've seen an increase in small companies originating from a fair trade or activist background who are trying to provide an ethical alternative for consumers.

September 19, 2006

Is Fair Trade a Good Fit for the Garment Industry?

Discussion Paper #1 CoverCan a ‘fair trade' apparel brand expand the fight for worker rights or would it reduce the pressure on mainstream apparel companies to change their labour practices? Would fair trade apparel brands finally give consumers an effective way to "vote with their dollars" or could they actually confuse and demobilize consumers? And what will it mean for worker organizing in the apparel industry?

Download the Discussion Paper here (PDF format, 500k)