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December 15, 2009

The truth behind the numbers game: How clean were the Honduras elections?

Mounting evidence suggests that fraud was committed in the November 29 Honduran national elections, but the fraud wasn't against the minority who voted; it was against the majority who abstained. Though we may never know the truth about how many Hondurans stayed home on November 29 to protest the coup, what we do know is that fewer than 50% of the population voted.

December 4, 2009

Murder charges against Filipino lawyer Saladero and 60 Others dropped

The Rizal Provincial Prosecutor has dismissed murder charges against Filipino labour lawyer Remigio Saladero and sixty other individuals due to lack of probable cause. The defendants, all affiliated with progressive groups, had been charged in connection with the killing of Ricardo Garmino, a member of a paramilitary group in Rizal province.

November 20, 2009

Neil Kearney: a passionate, tireless defender of workers’ rights, colleague, and friend

We received the sad news yesterday of the sudden, unexpected death of Neil Kearney, General Secretary of the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation (ITGLWF). Neil died in his sleep of a massive heart attack early Thursday morning November 19 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Neil was 59.

November 18, 2009

Historic Victory: Jerzees de Honduras workers win break-through agreement

An unprecedented agreement has been struck between Russell Athletic and the union representing 1,200 unjustly laid off workers at its former Jerzees de Honduras (JDH) factory. The company has agreed to open a new facility in the area, re-hire and provide substantial economic assistance to the former JDH workers, institute a joint union-management training program on freedom of association and commit to a position of neutrality with respect to unionization, which will open the door for union representation at all Fruit of the Loom facilities in Hondura.

November 10, 2009

Canada needs to back ILO in the Philippines

A high-level International Labour Organization (ILO) Mission to the Philippines wrapped up on September 29, feeding hopes that international attention will help stem the tide of violence and intimidation that has been unleashed on Filipino trade union organizers and human rights advocates. The ILO Mission was charged with investigating the killings of 92 union leaders and activists since 2001. 

February 25, 2009

How will the global financial crisis affect the garment industry and garment workers?

The global financial crisis now underway is expected to have major  consequences for workers in the global South who depend on North American and European markets.

This paper takes a look at the possible impacts of the financial crisis on the garment industry and garment workers. It goes on to lay out indicators to look for that help gauge the impact that workers will ultimately feel.

Download the full article. 

February 6, 2009

Philippines labour rights attorney Remigio Saladero Jr., 5 others released

Remigio Saladero behind barsAfter being held for more than three month in prison on trumped up charges, Philippines labour rights attorney Remigio Saladero Jr was finally released on Thursday, February 5th.  Five other Philippine labour rights leaders were also released with him including Nestor San Jose, Rogelio Galit, Crispin Zapanta, Arnaldo Seminiano, and Emanuel Dionida.

December 2, 2008

Thai Labour Court gives Triumph Factory the green light to violate human rights

Triumph workers protesting

On November 27, 2008, a Bangkok labour court gave Body Fashion Thailand, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Triumph International, the green light to dismiss union president Jitra Kotshadej.


November 27, 2007

Independent union wins vote at Vaqueros Navarra

Vaqueros Navarra worker holding sign reading "September 19 is our union"On November 23, workers at the Vaqueros Navarra jean factory in Tehuacan, Mexico stood up to their employer and voted to be represented by an independent union.

October 17, 2007

US brands call on Puebla state authorities to hold free and fair union vote

In response to a request from MSN, six major US apparel brands that buy blue jeans from Mexican jean manufacturer Grupo Navarra are speaking out in favour of the right of workers employed at the Vaqueros Navarra factory in Tehuacan, Mexico to be represented by the union of their free choice.