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ETAG Ethical Trading Forums

The Ethical Trading Action Group (ETAG) sponsors annual Ethical Trading Forums on pressing issues and developments related to labour rights in the apparel industry. The forums attract retailers, manufacturers, and other industry representatives, representatives of relevant government departments, CSR organizations, public institutions and governments with ethical purchasing policies, parallel initiatives in other sectors, social investment organizations, international development organizations, trade unions, faith organizations, as well as individual researchers, students and teachers, and the media.

June 24, 2008

ETF ignites the flame for a sweat-free Olympics

On June 12, the Ethical Trading Action Group (for which MSN serves as the secretariat) and its counterparts in British Columbia brought together 60 representatives of Olympic stakeholders for the 2008 Ethical Trading Forum in Vancouver. Together, they discussed and debated ways to improve working conditions in China and other countries where Olympic-branded products are made, and how to ensure that the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are sweat-free.