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WELCOME TO THE ARCHIVE (1994-2014) OF THE MAQUILA SOLIDARITY NETWORK. For current information on our ongoing work on the living wage, women's labour rights, freedom of association, corporate accountability and Bangladesh fire and safety, please visit our new website, launched in October, 2015:

Codes Memo

Since 2001, MSN's Codes Memo was published three times a year in Spanish and English.

The Codes Memo critically examined developments in voluntary codes of conduct, and multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs), as well as government policies and action to promote greater corporate accountability and labour rights.

Codes Memos #1 and #2 were informal email updates for partner organizations in Central America and were not posted on our website. Based on the positive response we received to those early Codes Memos, we decided to produce a more formal publication and to make it available to a wider audience in both Spanish and English.

January 20, 2001

Hong Kong Labour Rights Groups Challenge Codes of Conduct

MSN Codes Memo #3

Hong Kong Labour Rights Groups Challenge Codes of Conduct; News from the Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives; Updates from Central America; Solidarity Campaigns in the “North”; New Resources. Download Codes Memo #3 here.