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Take action: Download Johnson Controls campaign flyer

February 9, 2011

MSN is pleased to announce that a collective bargaining agreement was signed on April 8, 2011 between factory management and the independent union. MSN would like to thank all of those who supported JCI workers by spreading this flyer.

The struggle at Johnson Controls factories in Puebla, Mexico, is a glaring example of the problems facing independent trade union organizers in Mexico. In preparation for the Global Days of Action for Trade Union Rights in Mexico, MSN has prepared a new printable flyer for use in workshops, teach-ins, or at rallies.

Please take action in support of JCI workers by downloading, printing, folding, and sharing this new flyer to spread the word about the campaign: [English version] [versión Espanol] [Version Francais]

The Johnson Controls campaign

Canadian and international unions and labour rights organizations are actively working in an international campaign to push Milwaukee-based auto parts manufacturing company Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) to respect the rights of workers in their Puebla, Mexico plants to be represented by a union of their free choice.

Workers at the company's three factories in Puebla have raised complaints about unpaid wages and profit-sharing bonuses, deteriorating and unsafe working conditions, violations of freedom of association, gender discrimination, and outsourcing of labour to third-party employment agencies.

Against overwhelming odds workers at one of the JCI factories fought for and won their right to be represented by a union of their free choice. However JCI has still not fulfilled all of the provisions of the agreement recognizing the workers' union, and workers and their allies have been intimidated, beaten, and threatened for speaking out.

International solidarity is critical to ensure that the parent company respects and fully implements that agreement without further backsliding, stalling, or retaliation. A coalition including the International Metalworkers Federation, Canadian and US Auto Workers' Unions, the United Steelworkers, the AFL-CIO, US-LEAP and the Maquila Solidarity Network is coordinating with the local Puebla labour rights group, the Worker Assistance Center (CAT, in its Spanish acronym), and the Mexican Mineworkers union (Los Mineros) to support JCI workers.

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