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Take Action: Triumph accused of anti-union activity in worker layoffs in Asia

July 20, 2009

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Swiss-based Triumph International is being accused of anti-union behavior as it lays off thousands of workers in Thailand and the Philippines. Triumph International supplier, Body Fashion Thailand, announced on June 29th that it would lay off half of its 4200 workers. In the Philippines 1660 Triumph garment workers will lose their jobs by the end of August due to closures.

In both countries Triumph has reportedly failed to conduct transparent negotiations with factory workers' unions as required by internationally accepted practices set out in ILO Convention 158. The primary layoffs appear to be happening in departments and factories where unions are strongest.

Please join the Clean Clothes Campaign in writing to Triumph’s CEO to urge him to restart the process of reduction of the workforce in close co-operation with the unions and in a transparent manner.

Take action now!

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