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Rana Plaza Trust Fund launched: Time for Companies to Pay Up!

March 24, 2014

(Image: Clean Clothes Campaign)

March 24: One month before the one-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse, the survivors and families of those killed can finally register claims for compensation with the Rana Plaza Trust Fund which would entitle them to an advance payment toward their claim by April 24.

However, only nine of the 28 brands whose clothes were made in the building have so far publically contributed to the Fund. A total of US$40 million in contributions will be needed to fully compensate the families of the 1,138 who died and the over 1,000 workers who suffered debilitating injuries.

Between now and the April 24th anniversary of the tragedy, MSN and our counterparts in the US and Europe will be campaigning to pressure those companies that have so far refused to contribute to the Fund to Pay Up!

In Europe, the Clean Clothes Campaign and its allies are calling on Benetton to make a substantial contribution to the Fund, and in North America, the International Labor Rights Fund, MSN and our allies are demanding that The Children’s Place and Walmart Pay Up.

For more information on what you can do to support the Rana Plaza victims or to sign the petition to The Children’s Place click here.

Click here to sign the petition to Benetton.