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WELCOME TO THE ARCHIVE (1994-2014) OF THE MAQUILA SOLIDARITY NETWORK. For current information on our ongoing work on the living wage, women's labour rights, freedom of association, corporate accountability and Bangladesh fire and safety, please visit our new website, launched in October, 2015:

The Wire | September 6, 2012

September 5, 2012

Maquila Solidarity Wire
Maquila Solidarity Wire

September 6, 2012 

A new edition of Maquila Solidarity Update is now available for download

In this issue:

In our last issue of the Update, we reported on the controversy surrounding a recent investigation of three Apple Inc. supplier factories in China owned by Foxconn, the world's largest electronics manufacturer. As we go to press, that controversy is being re-ignited by a follow-up report released August 21 by the FLA.
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Violence forces the CAT to close Puebla office
Faced with ongoing harassment, physical assaults and death threats, MSN's long-time friends and allies at the Worker Support Centre (CAT) in Puebla, Mexico have been forced to close their office and suspend their support work with the state's maquiladora workers.
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FLA investigation ignores root causes of workplace injuries
In February 2011, the Honduran Women's Collective (CODEMUH) filed a complaint with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) alleging that 57 workers at Honduran factories owned by Canadian t-shirt manufacturer Gildan Activewear had suffered debilitating injures due to long work shifts, the intense pace of production and high production targets. A year and a half later, the FLA has yet to release its investigative report or corrective action plan.
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Should brands be liable when factories close? Adidas faces an Indonesian impasse
Should adidas be held accountable when a factory that produced its apparel closes and the owner flees the country without providing workers their legal severance pay? Labour rights groups say yes. Adidas says no. Yet surprisingly, in a controversial closure in Indonesia, two other notable brands have broken ranks and contributed to paying the displaced workers.
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Can National Competitiveness Strategies Include Decent Work?
What options are open to poor garment-producing countries in a period of trade liberalization and global economic crisis? Must they join the race to the bottom on wages and working conditions or can they take a different road to competitiveness that respects workers' rights and provides decent work?
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Pressure mounts on Bangladeshi authorities to solve murder of labour activist
Since the murder of trade union organizer Aminul Islam, pressure has been mounting on the Bangladeshi government to find and prosecute his murderers, including appeals from Bangladeshi trade unions and industry associations, eleven international industry associations, ambassadors of nine European countries, the US ambassador, members of the US Congress, the Canadian High Commission, the International Trade Union Confederation, and numerous trade union, human rights and non-governmental organizations.
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