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No Protection: a graphic novel about employer protection contracts in Mexico

November 15, 2012

A tale of worker organizing, vultures, corruption ... and time travel.

The original Spanish-language version of this comic book was published in 2010 by the International Campaign Against Protection Contracts with the support of a number of Canadian, US, European and Mexican unions and labour rights NGOs.

Although the comic book was produced specifically for Mexican workers, it also provides a good explanation to trade unionists in other countries of a problem particular to Mexico -the practice of employers negotiating protection contracts with unrepresentative unions without the knowledge or consent of the workers covered by those agreements.


What is a protection contract?


  • Protection contracts are signed by union representatives and employers, without the workers who are subject to the contracts being involved in the negotiation and approval processes.
  • In some cases, protection contracts are signed without the knowledge of the workers covered by the contracts, who are unaware of the existence of the contracts.
  • Legal titles to protection contracts are held by illegitimate union leaders that are not democratically elected by the workers they claim to represent, and from whom, in many cases, union dues are deducted.
  • In some cases, workers are unaware that there is a union that represents them.
  • Protection contracts are administered and/or revised without the involvement of the workers.


Download No Protection here (PDF, 3MB)

See Sin Protección in Spanish