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WELCOME TO THE ARCHIVE (1994-2014) OF THE MAQUILA SOLIDARITY NETWORK. For current information on our ongoing work on the living wage, women's labour rights, freedom of association, corporate accountability and Bangladesh fire and safety, please visit our new website, launched in October, 2015:

Colectivo Raiz

Colectivo Raiz is a civil society organization recognized in the state of Aguascalientes for its committed contribution to the development of honest and fair working conditions through programs of advocacy, training and information so that workers can learn, live and defend their rights.

We are a consolidated and organized group which realizes its work in a planned, informed and efficient manner, constantly striving and training ourselves to improve our organization.


We are a non-partisan and independent group, concerned with the socioeconomic conditions of our country, and in pursuit of professional development with social meaning.

We promote the respect for and the full exercise of labour rights of workers in the industrial sector in the state of Aguascalientes and adjacent municipalities so that the value of work and the dignity of people who perform it is recognized.

We encourage a new work culture among employees, employers and sector regulators through training, monitoring, advocacy, legal advice and dissemination of labour rights in an environment of personal and professional development, with respect and tolerance for diversity and with a focus on equity.


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