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Ten-year Review of NAALC Maquila Cases

September 22, 2004

1994 - Honeywell and General Electric; Mexico; US NAO

Allegations: Workers deprived of their right to be represented by unions of their choice.
Recommendations: NAO concludes there was insufficient evidence to establish that Mexican government failed to enforce laws, and does not recommend Ministerial Consultation. Acknowledges "strong concerns" and recommends three countries develop "joint cooperation programs" to address freedom of association issue.

1994 - Sony; Mexico; US NAO

Allegations: Denial of freedom of association and the right to organize.
Recommendations: Ministerial Consultations on union registrations.

1997 - Gender Discrimination; Mexican maquilas; US NAO

Allegations: Compulsory pregnancy testing and denial of employment to pregnant women by US subsidiaries in Mexico.
Recommendations: Ministerial Consultations.
Agreements: Education program for workers, conference on gender discrimination.

1997 - Han Young; Mexico; US NAO

Allegations: Denial of right to be represented by union of workers' choice; failure to enforce health and safety regulations.
Recommendations: Ministerial Consultations on freedom of association and health and safety issues.
Agreements: Mexican government agrees to hold public seminar in Tijuana on freedom of association. (Members of the independent union are physically assaulted while attending the seminar.)

1997 - 98 - ITAPSA; Mexico; Canadian and US NAOs

Allegations: Mexican government failed to respond to harassment, intimidation, physical assaults and illegal firings of independent union supporters; health and safety issues.
Recommendations: Ministerial Consultations.
Agreements: Mexico agrees to promote that workers be provided information on collective agreements, and to promote the use of eligible voters lists and secret ballot votes in union representation elections. (Mexico fails to act.)

2001 - Auto Trim / Custom Trim; Mexico; US NAO

Allegations: Exposure to toxic chemicals and other hazards, lack of compensation for victims, and lack of government enforcement.
Recommendations: Ministerial Consultations.
Agreements: Government-to-government working group established, rather than independent committee of experts, as provided for in the NAALC.


2003 - Puebla; Mexico; Canadian and US NAOs

Allegations: Denial of right to be represented by union of workers' choice; health and safety issues; failure to provide legal minimum wage and overtime pay.
Recommendations: US NAO recommends Ministerial Consultations; Canadian NAO recommendations still pending.

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