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More companies disclose factories

December 1, 2005

Nike workersFor years, MSN and other labour rights organizations have been calling on companies to come clean on where and under what conditions their products are made. Finally some major brand-name apparel and footwear companies are responding to the call for greater transparency and accountability.

On April 13, 2005, Nike became the first major brand to publicly disclose its global supply chain. Three companies have since followed Nike's lead in publicly disclosing the names and addresses of all their supply factories around the world.

On October 11, Levi Strauss published on its website a list of more than 750 wholly owned and contract factories making Levi's, Dockers and Levi Strauss Signature branded products. "Our hope is that this level of transparency will become standard across the apparel sector, fostering greater collaboration among brands in shared factories," said the Levi's media release

On October 17, Puma released its 2004 Sustainability Report in which it announced that it was publicly disclosing its worldwide list of active supply factories. According to Puma, the list will soon be available through the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

On November 1, Timberland released its 2004 CSR report in which it announced that it was also disclosing its list of 160 factory making the company's footwear and apparel products around the world.

Lists of their factory locations are available here.

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